"I interviewed for a position that I was really excited about and thought it went smoothly but began feeling doubtful when the hiring manager didn't get back to me right away. I was hesitant to follow up because I didn't want to seem pushy, but the Abrydge guide emphasized the importance of appropriate follow-up. I used the template in the Post-Interview section of the guide to write an email to the hiring manager, and to my surprise, she was glad I reached out because it proved how interested I was! This step was crucial in obtaining my first full-time job offer, and Abrydge made it simple and straightforward."

Mios Buccat
MS in Occupational Therapy
Dominican University '17

"Two of the biggest roadblocks I've seen college students face when interviewing are expressing why they're a good flt for the job and understanding how they're perceived by employers. While some resources address these points, information nowadays is so voluminous that students must dig to find relevant guidance, causing them to become overwhelmed and unmotivated to prepare. Unlike these other resources, Abrydge highlights only the most important advice. On top of teaching students how to present themselves to interviewers, the guide offers assessment tools to help students gain a self-awareness that's crucial for both interviewing and transitioning from school to work."

Lavinia Zanassi
Career Services Counselor
Skyline College

"I was pretty nervous for a recent interview when I came across the Abrydge interview guide. The materials were clear, understandable and extremely useful, especially the sample questions to ask the interviewer. Most students don't put much thought into what they're going to ask, and some don't ask anything at all. However, the quality of the guide's questions and the fact that they were easy to tailor to my situation helped me come across as thoughtful and genuine. The interviewer was impressed with our conversation and specifically complimented me on my overall preparation. I definitely recommend this guide as you're preparing for your interviews!"

Colman Lin
Finance Major, Management Information Systems Minor
Santa Clara University '20

"During my thirty-five-year career in Human Resources, I have witnessed many changes in company recruiting techniques, particularly for new graduates. Employers have increasingly high expectations for candidates seeking entry level jobs. Students not only need to learn and develop specific skills today's employers require, they also need to effectively communicate those skills during interviews to market their value and receive the best job offers. Abrydge has developed a comprehensive, well-rounded guide with valuable information that helps students successfully navigate job interviews. I believe this guide provides the most current and applicable information available in the marketplace today."

Cindy Scharringhausen
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Camden Property Trust

"When preparing for internship interviews, this guide helped me hone in on key examples from my prior work experience. The list of questions to expect ensured that I wasn't caught by surprise during my interviews, but what was especially valuable was how the guide helped me tailor my answers to those questions. I was able to highlight important concepts and ensure that my examples remained focused."

Roseanne De Lemos
Master's in Health Administration
George Washington University '20

"Before founding my own human resources consulting firm, I was employed for many years in the corporate world, responsible for the recruiting, onboarding, and development of new hires. I have encountered thousands of students over the years, many of whom were very prepared and successful in their transition from the academic environment to professional work responsibilities. Unfortunately, I have also seen many examples of smart, driven students who, despite their best efforts, made mistakes in either the interview or onboarding processes. Each section of this guide provides tons of useful information to ensure your success. I especially like the presentation of what attributes employers require of new hires and the sample questions you can expect to receive from the interviewer."

Michael Goodfriend
Founder and CEO
Goodfriend and Associates