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Interested in supplementing your school’s interview prep resources? With Abrydge, give your students the rundown on interviewing even before they step into the career center.

Our Abrydge Interview Prep Guide thoroughly prepares students for interviews, ensuring they have a firm grasp on the basics. This allows your institution to provide one-on-one guidance specific to each student’s needs and offer students direct feedback through mock interviews. Once they’ve gotten through the interview process, our transition guidance helps students ease into their new roles.

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Why Use Abrydge at Your School

No matter the size of your institution, we help each and every one of your students efficiently prepare for their interviews. With our comprehensive materials, you can feel confident that you’re engaging your entire student body—even those who haven’t actively sought out guidance from a career counselor.

The desktop, mobile, and tablet-friendly platform gives students unlimited access anytime, anywhere.

The online portal makes the Interview Prep Guide simple to scale across your entire student population.

Short, digestible sections with visual aids encourage retention and help students efficiently absorb information in under 90 minutes.

The interviewing essentials we zero in on are applicable to all candidates, no matter the major or industry.

Our section on transitioning to work eases students into professional environments, helping them avoid common mistakes and represent both themselves and your institution with distinction.

Constantly updated material ensures students stay on top of interviewing trends.