Before the interview

Discover the core characteristics that employers across all industries look for in their new hires. Learn how to clean up your online presence, dress sharply, and avoid common missteps made by other students.

During the interview

Explore the 23 most common questions you'll be asked during your interview, including what employers really mean (and what they're looking for in your responses). Our 12 sample questions to ask will ensure you conclude your interview on a high note.

After the interview

Our 6 variations of thank you letters reinforce the positive impression you've already made on your interviewer. We also teach you how to tactfully follow up on interviews and weigh your offers.

Transition to work

Easily navigate the transition from student to employee. Decipher benefits, spoken and unspoken workplace etiquette, and how to communicate professionally so you can start your new role with your best foot forward.

Interview and Transition Guide

Before the Interview

Section 1: Self-Reflection
Section 2: What Employers Are Looking For
Section 3: Preparing for the Interview

During the Interview

Section 4: Dress & Grooming, Speech, and Manners
Section 5: Questions to Expect from the Employer
Section 6: Questions to Ask the Employer

After the Interview

Section 7: Thank You Notes
Section 8: Post-Interview
Section 9: Negotiation


Exhibit A: Self-Assessment
Exhibit B: Current Events


Transition 1: Work Habits
Transition 2: Benefits
Transition 3: Personal Growth & Development
Transition 4.1: Credit
Transition 4.2: Budgeting