Our Mission

At Abrydge™, we position college students and recent grads for success by providing essential information on how to interview and transition to a professional environment.

Our Founder

Growing up in an area where opportunities were scarce, John Gross learned early on that ambition and hard work were crucial for opening up doors. This sense of determination is how he came to spend 33 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, overseeing some of its largest engagements as a global partner, until retiring just a few years ago.

While leading offices of close to 1,000 people, John took an interest in professional development, interviewing hundreds of candidates over the course of his career. More often than not, students struggled to make a strong impression and secure the job—and for those transitioning to work, many faced challenges adjusting to their new environments.

John realized that college students were facing a growing skills and information gap that was hurting their chances for success. He believed that all students should have the opportunity to prove that they could be successful, but there was no streamlined, efficient guidance to help them get there. So he created Abrydge.

Our Process

John pulled together a team of professionals with extensive experience in recruiting, hiring, and managing new employees. Our team conducted focus groups and pilot programs across colleges to understand where and why students struggle. We consulted with employers and candidates to learn best practices and common mistakes. Our junior team members offered a fresh perspective on how younger generations process information. Together, we created a trustworthy, relevant, efficient preparation guide, backed by research and designed with the student in mind.

It’s essential that our materials stay current, so we constantly meet with recruiters, hiring managers in different professions, and career services professionals across the US. We ask industry insiders what they wish students knew when interviewing and transitioning to work, doing the legwork so you don’t have to.

Our Product

Our Abrydge guide was designed to address the issues we saw in the marketplace. A quick online search for interview guidance lists resources aimed toward people with work experience. These materials are wordy, boring, and irrelevant, you have to search hours to find them, and there’s no way to know that what you’re reading is legitimate.

We made our guide concise, current, and easily accessible. It aids retention, providing a ton of value in a fraction of the time. You walk away feeling confident about the essentials of your upcoming interview, whether it’s in two weeks or two days. And that new job you’re nervous about starting? You’re ready to ease in like a pro.

Learn more about how the guide works and get started today.